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bug#10208: site-lisp directories in load-path after --no-site-lisp

From: ASSI
Subject: bug#10208: site-lisp directories in load-path after --no-site-lisp
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:38:42 +0100
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Am 11.01.2012 02:08, schrieb Glenn Morris:
Thanks for tracking this down, I installed something similar.

Appreciated, however I can't check right now.

I had not appreciated half of what init_lread does, nor that
installation-directory is actually nil in installed Emacs (and would be
better named "build-directory" IMO).

Yes, this whole business of naming and using these variables might require something of an overhaul.

AFAICS, there are still the following issues:

i) EMACSLOADPATH overrides --no-site-lisp; it probably should not.

I haven't given this one much thought so far; but again, the general scheme might be in need of re-evaluation.

ii) This presumably means --no-site-lisp does not work in --with-ns
builds, since they set load-path via EMACSLOADPATH (IMO, it's a bug that
one part of Emacs uses an env-var just to communicate with another, see eg
http://debbugs.gnu.org/cgi/bugreport.cgi?bug=6401#48 )

These could both be solved by simply removing any Vload_path element
matching "site-lisp" near the end of init_lread. (I guess this would
remove the need for the MS Windows build to implement this feature
separately as well.)

I don't have a build environment set up on Windows, so I can't comment here.

This would still leave:

iii) Any --enable-locallisppath element that does not happen to have
"site-lisp" in its name will not get removed (but such elements already
mess things up because they will break the sorting of load-path that
init_lread tries to do).

Perhaps it would be better to split PATH_LOADSEARCH in epaths.h into a
default and site-lisp component, and simply not add the latter with

I'd be in favor of having separate path variables. The two searchpath components are already seperately available in make during the build, so it may not be even that difficult. However, such a change might need to be postponed to the next release of Emacs.

Finally, I noticed that you have some changes installed (for Org) that
are not marked as "tiny changes", yet you don't seem to have a copyright
assignment. IF you have not completed one, are you willing to do so?
The process is straightforward.

I had sent you a mail last year regarding this, I'll send it again. Please let me know if you don't get it.


(on the road :-)

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