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bug#10572: Indentation for extended return is off by 1

From: Simon Wright
Subject: bug#10572: Indentation for extended return is off by 1
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 20:12:25 +0000

Package: emacs, ada-mode
Version: 23.3.1

ada-mode version 4.01

NB, when I say 'off by 1' I mean that the compiler complains about the 
indentation selected.

In the code attached, ada-mode indents the 'for' statement by 2 spaces. The 
compiler (GCC 4.6.0 and GNAT GPL 2011) with standard style checks (-gnaty) 

$ gnatmake -c -u -f extended_return_indentation.adb -gnaty
gcc -c -gnaty extended_return_indentation.adb
extended_return_indentation.adb:1:01: (style) subprogram body has no previous 
extended_return_indentation.adb:5:06: (style) bad indentation
extended_return_indentation.adb:6:09: (style) bad indentation
extended_return_indentation.adb:7:12: (style) bad indentation
extended_return_indentation.adb:8:09: (style) bad indentation
extended_return_indentation.adb:9:06: (style) bad indentation

If the 'for' statement is indented by 3 spaces, the compilers don't issue the 
indentation warnings.

Attachment: extended_return_indentation.adb
Description: Binary data

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