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bug#10597: [PATCH] GUD-MI's disassembly buffer should follow $PC in the

From: Kaushik Srenevasan
Subject: bug#10597: [PATCH] GUD-MI's disassembly buffer should follow $PC in the absence of debug information.
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2012 22:53:15 -0800

Package: emacs
Tags: patch
Severity: wishlist

GUD-MI's disassembly buffer only works when the current frame has debug
information. While debugging dynamically generated code it'd be useful
to simply follow the program counter. I understand that newer GDBs
expose an API that lets a JIT compiler register debug information for
dynamically generated code, but JITs typically only do so for real
functions. So, having the disassembly buffer follow $PC would still be
useful while stepping through dynamically generated, shorter sequences
of code (like call stubs, inline caches etc.). 

The latest GDB ( does this in its TUI mode while my
stable GDB's (7.0.1-debian) behavior is the same as Emacs 23 GUD.

Please review and merge.


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