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bug#10729: 24.0.93; On MS-Windows: emacsclientw.exe -n -c does create a

From: Albert
Subject: bug#10729: 24.0.93; On MS-Windows: emacsclientw.exe -n -c does create a new frame, but does not always display the requested file or the requested directory (24.0.92 does)
Date: Mon, 6 Feb 2012 18:47:46 +0100


Is it ok to reply like this? (To you and to the bugnumber)

Thanks for the explanation and for the workaround tip. It seems to
work (also for my original problem).

In my original report I made a remark about the shortcut behaving
differently than my command prompt experiments.
I have now found the reason: I had set server-window to
switch-to-buffer-other-frame in my customization files. In that case a
new frame is created, but the frame contains the original buffer
instead of the new one (the new one is also not listed in the buffer
list). Repeating the procedure gives the same result. I suspect that
with the new code in 24.0.93 the reason for using
switch-to-buffer-other-frame has disappeared, but the new buffer also
in that case ought to end up at least somewhere. Since I suspect that
the mechanism behind this behaviour is the same as in the original
case I post this remark here, instead of reporting a new bug.


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