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bug#10770: info-display-manual replaces existing *info* buffer

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: bug#10770: info-display-manual replaces existing *info* buffer
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2012 12:14:56 +0200
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>> PS maybe there should be an `info-rename' command that renames an info
>> buffer to include the name of the displayed manual.
> Or maybe `rename-uniquely' should get some (optional) smart behaviour to
> use more meaningful names. Names of manuals in info, names of recipient
> of current mail message, etc.

Then functions like `occur-rename-buffer' could be replaced with a simple
buffer-local naming function (named e.g. `rename-buffer-name-function')
with the behaviour similar to `compilation-buffer-name-function'.

This will help to replace such customizations as:

(add-hook 'occur-hook (lambda () (occur-rename-buffer t)))
(setq compilation-buffer-name-function
      (lambda (mode-name)
         (concat "*" (downcase mode-name) "*"))))

with just:

(add-hook 'occur-hook 'rename-uniquely)
(add-hook 'compilation-mode-hook 'rename-uniquely)

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