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bug#10807: 24.0.93; dbus NotificationClosed signal should not reset idle

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: bug#10807: 24.0.93; dbus NotificationClosed signal should not reset idle-time when reason=1
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2012 21:22:33 +0100
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Peter M√ľnster <pmrb@free.fr> writes:

> Hello,


> The current idle-time is reset to 0, when a notification window expires.
> IMO it should not, or it should be configurable.

notifications.el uses D-Bus for communication. Incoming D-Bus events,
like the NotificationClosed signal, are handled via `special-event-map'.

In keyboard.c, the idle-time is reset for every incoming event. This is
useful for keyboard or mouse events, but it might not be desired for
D-Bus events. As a solution, one could change keyboard.c such a way,
that D-Bus events do not result in a reset of idle-time.

OTOH, for some D-Bus it might be desirable to reset the idle-time.
Roughly spoken, D-Bus signals should not reset idle-time, and D-Bus
method-return events should. This could be made configurable.

And there might be also other events handled via `special-event-map',
which should not reset idle-time when arriving. A candidate could be
`config-changed-event'. In order to achieve this, "struct input_event"
could be extended by a field "reset_idle_time", which is TRUE by
default. Events which shall not reset the idle-time set this to FALSE.

Best regards, Michael.

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