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bug#10805: 24.0.93; edebug-trace t may cause stuff being inserted into c

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#10805: 24.0.93; edebug-trace t may cause stuff being inserted into current buffer
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 10:56:29 +0100

> Maybe.  But please keep in mind that `edebug-trace-display' is about
> _displaying_ a buffer.  We don't want the user to edit the trace buffer,
> so calling `select-window' is in fact not necessary in this case.  The
> former window is instantly re-selected by `edebug-trace-display'.

IIUC edebug conflates the concepts of displaying and popping to buffers.
Take `edebug-bounce-point':

    ;; If the buffer's currently displayed, avoid set-window-configuration.
    ---> Since `save-window-excursion' calls `set-window-configuration'
         we don't "avoid" anything here.
      (edebug-pop-to-buffer edebug-outside-buffer)
      ---> Here the `select-window' problem might strike as well.  But
           why should the window be selected?  To make `goto-char',
           `current-buffer' and `point' work?
      (goto-char edebug-outside-point)
      (message "Current buffer: %s Point: %s Mark: %s"
               (current-buffer) (point)
               (if (marker-buffer (edebug-mark-marker))
                   (marker-position (edebug-mark-marker)) "<not set>"))
      (edebug-sit-for arg)
      ---> Popping back to the original window as the _last_ action of
           a `save-window-excursion' doesn't make any sense.
      (edebug-pop-to-buffer edebug-buffer (car edebug-window-data)))))

This may select a window up to three times for the apparent single
purpose to display the context of a position in some buffer.

> Please also note (another issue, but related) that if the trace buffer
> is already visible in another (visible) frame, a new window pops up in
> the current frame nevertheless, which is kind of annoying if source
> files are spread over multiple frames.

Probably because `edebug-get-buffer-window' (aliased to
`get-buffer-window') is called with a nil ALL-FRAMES argument.  Try to
use another argument (you probably have to raise frames to make this


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