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bug#6531: patch for rst.el updated (patch format revised)

From: Stefan Merten
Subject: bug#6531: patch for rst.el updated (patch format revised)
Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 11:40:58 +0200

Hi StefanMo!

Yesterday Stefan Monnier wrote:
> Huh?  And why isn't it in Emacs's repository?

This is really a good question.

There also was an intense code review by StefanMo and most suggestions
have been integrated.

> If the maintainers don't
> push changes back to us (or better yet, use Emacs's repository as the
> upstream),

I remember that some time ago I followed a tedious procedure to be
able to do this. I remember the procedure never completed - for
reasons I need to check out.

> then we're better off not having the package in Emacs at all.

This is of course at your option. Simplifying the entering procedure
would certainly help, however.

> Could one of you maintainers merge Emacs's and docutils's versions and
> try to avoid such diversion in the future, please?
> If you need write access to the repository, just ask for it (which is
> done by registering on Savannah and requesting membership in the
> "emacs" group).

I'll check out where the process stuck and get back to you then.

@Martin, Wei-Wei, David: You don't need to care any further about
this. I'll check it out and care for it.



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