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bug#11266: emacs 23.4 with --batch and (next-line)

From: michael_rytting
Subject: bug#11266: emacs 23.4 with --batch and (next-line)
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 15:47:49 -0600

Good to know, I've already corrected my scripts to use forward-line instead.

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To: RYTTING,MICHAEL (A-ColSprings,ex1)
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Subject: Re: bug#11266: emacs 23.4 with --batch and (next-line)

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> emacs -batch config.log --eval "(next-line 1)"
> And you'll see and End of buffer message.  While emacs -Q config.log 
> --eval "(next-line 1)"
> Produces no such error.

`next-line' in Emacs-23 was changed to use visual lines rather than logical 
lines, so its behavior depends on the shape of the selected window.  And 
indeed, the selected-window depends on the terminal (-batch uses a dummy 


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