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bug#11298: Scratch buffer (Summary of Xah's proposals, as I see it)

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#11298: Scratch buffer (Summary of Xah's proposals, as I see it)
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 14:42:10 -0400
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> The recommendations involve,
> 1. "Menu->File->Visit New File" should be changed to "File->New".  This
>    will create an 'Untitled N' buffer.  This will mark the buffer as
>    `potentially-file-visiting'.  Specifically it will not ask for the
>    name of the file.
> 2. Introduce "File->Save as" will mark a `potentially-file-visiting'
>    buffer as a `real-file-visiting-buffer'.
> 3. `potentially-file-visiting-buffer' should be queried for save on
>     exit.

Other than "to do like others do", what would be the advantage?  I see
a bunch of disadvantages, starting with the choice of major-mode, the
location of auto-save files, the VC state, etc...

IOW, I think this is a case where the Emacs way is "objectively"
superior, so I'd need pretty compelling evidence to add support for such
"new file buffer whose file doesn't have a name yet".

OTOH, I'd be happy to rename "Visit New File" to something like "New"
(while keeping the behavior of requesting a file name) if that can help.

> 2. There could be mutliple user-created scratch buffers and they could
>    be created in multiple programming lang modes, depending on user's
>    needs.

While I can see users appreciating this feature, I think it'd be good
enough to offer it via a package that users could elect to use.
I.e. I'd be happy to accept patches needed to allow writing such
a package, but as for having such a feature by default, I think it's

In my mind, the *scratch* used to be a kind of slash screen, and it only
exists now aside from the actual splash screen for historical reasons.
So I think the best solution is to try and hide/eliminate the
*scratch* buffer.


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