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From: Vladimir Lomov
Subject: bug#11351:
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:16:23 +0900
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I'm want to confirm Tassilo Horn message:

I faced with something similar while using org-mode+flyspell.

This message I sent to org-mode ML:

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#+TITLE: Example with org-mode and flyspell on.
#+AUTHOR: Vladimir Lomov

* Org-mode src blocks and flyspell

I faced with strange problem with Emacs and org-mode.

In my real example I use src blocks and run =C-c '= to
edit them in native mode (shell).

If I enter into native mode, put new line and immediately run =C-c '= to
return to org document Emacs hangs and consume all available memory (RAM and

Curiously that such behavior see only with revno 108012.

In echo area I see message:
Error in post-command-hook (flyspell-post-command-hook): (error "Marker does 
not point anywhere")

This is extract from my document:
#+BEGIN_SRC sh :exports code
_num=$(( _num%5 ))

I enter into block, run =C-c '=, add new line between lines and run immediately
=C-c '= again.

If I open the file again in Emacs and run =M-x flyspell-mode= (in echo
area I see 'flyspell disable') and do the same — I again get hang and
memory consumption.

If I commented the line in mine .emacs file:
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'flyspell-mode)
and tried again — all works fine.

Is this known behavior or new "bug"?

** Info

Emacs: build from BZR (rev. 108012+) vs GTK3;
org-mode: packaged from git and installed in my system (Archlinux).

P.S. I reported this here because don't know how to trigger similar
behavior without org-mode.

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WBR, Vladimir Lomov

The explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is the most likely to be
                -- William of Occam

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