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bug#11367: Crash: Windows 7 using egg

From: Michael Kleehammer
Subject: bug#11367: Crash: Windows 7 using egg
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 14:17:42 -0500

> Oops, sorry, I meant
>  (gdb) p (g-2)->object
> (2, not 20).

$12 = 60228101

>> > Can you describe or produce a snapshot of the screen before that C-n
>> > keypress?
>> [2:image/jpeg Show Save:abort-11367.JPG (56kB)]
> Hmm... no "master" anywhere in sight.  Do you still see the same
> result from "pgrowx it3.glyph_row", showing the text "master", as you
> did before?

"master" is the name of the branch and is at the top.  I've attached a
new screenshot without
the split screen:

Attachment: abort-11367-2.JPG
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