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bug#10781: EIEIO namespace use

From: Eric M. Ludlam
Subject: bug#10781: EIEIO namespace use
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2012 18:29:44 -0400
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On 04/28/2012 05:03 PM, David Engster wrote:
Stefan Monnier writes:
Yes, I think 'this' should indeed become 'eieio-this'. It will also be
the most work, since at least in CEDET you *very* often have

(defmethod foo ((this someclass) ...)

so a 'this' in such a method is perfectly fine.

An alternative approach is to keep the name `this' but get rid of the
global definition.  I.e. Either completely remove the (defvar this nil),
or replace it with (defvar this).

Eric, what would you prefer? I don't know enough about CLOS to say how
important a global 'eieio-this' actually is. Either way, I just tested
both solutions on CEDET trunk and each produced exactly this single
compile warning:

In ede-flush-directory-hash:
files.el:230:38:Warning: reference to free variable `this'

So actually, this appears to be a much smaller issue than I initially
thought. It seems pretty much every 'this' in CEDET is already bound in
the defmethod's argument list.

I would be happy to see 'this' just completely removed. It was put in when I was mimicing C++, and some old programs of mine that have long since rotted away depended on it. I'm actually surprised there was a reference to it in CEDET still. That will be good to clean up.


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