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bug#11385: 24.0.96; `image-dired-create-thumb': (file-error "Setting cur

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#11385: 24.0.96; `image-dired-create-thumb': (file-error "Setting current directory" "no such file or directory" "$HOME/")
Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 15:20:30 -0400
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> I think $HOME is not generally recognized in file names.  Only a few
> select functions know about it (substitute-in-file-name and
> expand-file-name come to mind).

Only substitute-in-file-name performs expansion of env-vars.  IIRC the
function `load' also calls substitute-in-file-name, but otherwise
substitute-in-file-name is only applied to file names typed in
the minibuffer.


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