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bug#9757: 24.0.90; configuration and compilation for multiple architectu

From: Andy Moreton
Subject: bug#9757: 24.0.90; configuration and compilation for multiple architectures not possible
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 14:04:14 +0100
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On Wed 16 May 2012, Glenn Morris wrote:

> Peter Dyballa wrote:
>> Trying to set up GNU Emacs with Apple means to run on more than one
>> target architecture configuration fails because the configure script
>> does not use the value I set for CPP but insists on using the -E
>> option for CC, which is not allowed in this situation:
> This is bug#9755 again.
> The report continues for some time after this. I'm afraid I have no idea
> what the rest of it is about.

MacOSX supports fat binaries, which contain executable code for more
than one architecture. It is usual to build for multiple architectures
at the same time. The rest of the bug report is about problems trying to
build a fat binary with support for ppc, ppc64, x86 and x86-64


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