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bug#2280: 23.0.90; incorrect configuration

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#2280: 23.0.90; incorrect configuration
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 21:18:15 -0400
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>> Of course, there's the issue of which one to choose if both MacPorts and
>> Fink are found, as well as the issue of finding an old left-over Fink or
>> MacPorts installation.
> As reported in bugs #5252, #5921, #6819, ...

If we're more selective (by looking for particular libraries), and if we
give it lower-precedence, we should be able to eliminate most of
those problems.

>> So maybe one way forward is to look more carefully at which libs we
>> normally want to get from Fink/MacPorts (because they're missing from
>> Mac OS X) and then check which ones of these are installed where.
> I disagree about the usefulness of this.  I think it is straightforward
> to add in those search paths if you want them (users of those package
> systems may well be used to doing so),

Back when I used a Mac OS X machine with Fink, I found it easier to
write the patch we now use than to figure out how to pass the proper
option to configure.

> If we really must have this, then the suggestion of --with-fink,
> --with-macports ... from bug#6819 seems the only clean way to get it.
> But it seems ugly to me, and then obviously you need to keep adding such
> options for every new Mac package system that comes along.

I think the main issue is that to make it work right, someone needs to
improve the configure code for it.  Until then, you're probably right that
we should comment it out.


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