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bug#11511: Input method of emacs

From: theceason
Subject: bug#11511: Input method of emacs
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 02:34:35 -0700 (PDT)
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Miles Bader於 2012年5月19日星期六UTC+8上午7時02分34秒寫道:
> ceason lam <address@hidden> writes:
> > however, in my experience of emacs is very unfriendly to input method
> > if an IM(input method) want to work with emacs
> > the developer need to write a plug-in for it
> ...
> > if an IM have no plug-in, and if you want to use it in emacs
> > due to outdated XIM in emacs , you will have some extra work (setting the
> > locale, lang environment...)
> > if the fixing not work , there is hopeless
> >
> > does this mean the emacs no more care about the foreigner
> Hmm, what...?
> I'm using Gnome 3 &etc with the external Japanese input method "mozc",
> and it seems to work fine with Emacs...
> Can you give more detail about what the problem is?
> -Miles
> -- 
> values of β will give rise to dom!

hi Mikle
i am great to hear your barrier free mozc experience 
i use ibus along side with emacs too  (maybe i should change 'im' to input 
method editor)
in this case i need ibus.el (it work very well)
if i use other im :gcin, fcitx.. etc
for my experience gcin
emacs is the only gtk program can't work with  ubuntu environment
but it can run faultless in debian 
and alos windows ......

if problem happened
many of us suffer form LC_CTYPE settings

for more example here is a recent one 
bug#10867: 23.4 must export LC_CTYPE to zh_CN.UTF-8 or similar CJK locale to 
use X input method
and this fixing some time work some time not 
and it happen since we know emacs 

i am chinese 
i am cant repersent other j k people (mikle have you test other ime)
i love to spend my time to configuring my emacs just like the other does

but for uim.el ibus.el scimbridge.el
these are not confirgruings 
these are fixings 

we love emacs because it's free 
this is also gnu's belief 
hope is emacs can maintain our freedom 
rather than you not like it just don't use it

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