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bug#11556: 24.0.97; Strange behaviour of bury-buffer after desktop-read

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#11556: 24.0.97; Strange behaviour of bury-buffer after desktop-read
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 12:26:26 +0200

> desktop.diff works fine for me, thank you.

Committed in revision 108018 of the release branch.

> What to expect from desktop-read when used in the middle of a session?
> Good question. I never use it that way, because I tend to spam my one
> and only session with lots of buffers ;-). However, other more
> organized people might use multiple desktop files. They would probably
> want desktop-read to behave as in Emacs 23, whatever that behaviour
> exactly was.

I don't use desktop but wonder what should happen when, for example, a
buffer read by `desktop-read' exists already.  Should it move to the
front of the buffer lists or stay where it was before?

> The "If no desktop file is found, clear the desktop
> [...]" part in the doc-string of desktop-read sounds odd to me. Why
> would the function want to clear the desktop if it doesn't find a
> desktop file, but perform some sort of a merge operation with the
> current session (instead of a replace) if one is found?

Looks odd.  Anyone who wants to clear the desktop could do this by
calling `desktop-clear'.

I'm looking for a kind soul to work on integrating window handling into


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