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bug#11506: bug: "C-x z" ("repeat") no longer works correctly with M-x

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#11506: bug: "C-x z" ("repeat") no longer works correctly with M-x
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 06:47:46 -0700

Is there a problem with the automatic mailing of bug-thread messages, or is
there perhaps a problem with my mail server?

I sent two messages to this bug thread, and never received those mails from the
bug list.  But they showed up on the archive site OK:

Similarly, I received Stefan's reply to the first of these directly from him,
but I did not receive his message from the bug address.

If there is a mail problem at the Emacs BUGS end, is it perhaps only for the
<N>address@hidden address?  If so, can that please be fixed?  Whatever
discussion continues in a bug thread should be echoed to the bug mailing list,

If not, I will no doubt have to manually remove "-done" from the cc address from
now on (or else add the address without "-done", in addition to "-done").

Users do not pay a lot of attention to the cc addresses when they hit `Reply
All'.  This bug server automatically changes the address from
<N>@debbugs.gnu.org to <N>address@hidden, which is arguably not very user
friendly to begin with (changing recipient lists is not a great idea).

If we cannot figure out a better way to handle routing/classifying messages than
simply changing addresses, too bad.  But can't we at least continue to echo the
discussion to <N>@debbugs.gnu.org (as well as cc or bcc it to
<N>address@hidden), so that readers of the thread receive the message?

The classification of a bug is not the same thing as the end of the discussion
of it.

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