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bug#11765: 24.1 upgrade breaks porkrind Emacs over Mac-to-Mac screen sha

From: Mike Orr
Subject: bug#11765: 24.1 upgrade breaks porkrind Emacs over Mac-to-Mac screen sharing
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2012 08:19:40 -0700

I have a regression between vanilla installs of 23.4.1 and 24.1.1 porkrind.org Emacs on a Lion (10.7.4) Mac Pro. I see the regression only in the context of running Emacs over Mac-to-Mac OS X Screen Sharing - 24.1 is running fine when executed locally. I'm testing with my Emacs init file disappeared via renaming.


I'm observing this on two Screen Sharing clients: one is a Snow Leopard (10.6.8) Mac Pro; the other is a Lion (10.7.4) MacBook Pro. I get the same results with both.


The regression is that Ctrl- and Alt- key chords don't work in 24.1 (only) over Screen Sharing. It's *not* simply that Ctrl and Alt are not seen; in other words it's *not* the case that when I type C-x I get an 'x' in the buffer. I don't have a concrete description of exactly what occurs - visually I either see nothing, I see a symbol appear in the buffer, or I see an error message that might be appropriate for some command, but is unrelated to what I tried to type. One thing I know to be reliably reproducible is that if I start Emacs and immediately type C-h, I get the message "Beginning of buffer".


Fwiw, this is in a VPN context. The VPN config is very different for the two clients; Cisco hardware in one case, Cisco AnyConnect software in the other.


Hope it helps,

Mike Orr


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