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bug#11847: 24.1.50; Error: Don't know how to compile #[nil "..."]

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#11847: 24.1.50; Error: Don't know how to compile #[nil "..."]
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 12:14:09 -0400
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> ping. 

AFAIK your problem should be fixed in trunk now.


>> I guess the bug has to do with why it thinks it cannot do its 
>> job here.  Unless there is some bug in my code that makes
>> compilation impossible where it should otherwise be possible.
>> Can you tell by looking at the code I sent?  Or do you
>> think there is a byte-compiler bug here?

> There was a similar bug report (#11837), which was closed after finding a
> font-latex bug.  I don't know how to proceed with this bug.  I sent the
> backtrace you requested.

> One thing I wonder about, which might be pertinent here:

> Function `icicle-cmd2-after-load-bookmark+' is invoked after Bookmark+ is
> loaded:

> (eval-after-load "bookmark+" '(icicle-cmd2-after-load-bookmark+))

> That function does this:

> (icicle-define-file-command 'icicle-bookmark-a-file...)

> And `icicle-define-file-command' is a macro that is not available at runtime.
> It was available at byte-compile time, so I was thinking that it would be
> expanded in the body of `icicle-cmd2-after-load-bookmark+', and things would 
> be
> OK.

> (And things did work OK before the Emacs 24 build of this bug report, since 
> the
> byte-compiler ignored some errors that apparently did not cause a problem for
> this code.)

> It is `icicle-cmd2-after-load-bookmark+' that tries to byte-compile
> `icicle-bookmark-a-file' after defining it.

> Does this info help?  I want to avoid loading the file of macros at runtime.
> And I want to avoid defining `icicle-bookmark-a-file' and other bookmark
> commands unless Bookmark+ is loaded.

> Please advise.  Thx.

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