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bug#11655: [debbugs-tracker] Processed: severity 11655 wishlist

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#11655: [debbugs-tracker] Processed: severity 11655 wishlist
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2012 22:19:29 -0700

Why can't you be reasonable and just change `error' call to a call to `message'?

If you _wish_ this bug to be fixed, it is trivial to fix it.  There is no need
to relegate it to the wishlist (aka /dev/null).

It makes zero UI sense for this action to raise an error.  Emacs has plenty of
ways to notify a user or draw attention.  Raising an error is simply not
appropriate here.  It prevents a user from doing something useful: hiding some
info (e.g. temporarily) so s?he can see other info.

Warnings about unsaved changes are appropriate when you quit Emacs.  At the
limit you could argue (but I would disagree) that a user could also be warned
about unsaved customizations when s?he quit Customize (e.g. kill the buffer).

But certainly not when s?he simply closes/hides the details for a given
option/face.  And double-certainly not raise an _error_ to effect such a
warning.  It is not an error to hide details.  That is a normal part of using

> > severity 11655 wishlist
> Bug #11655 [emacs] 24.1; Customize: clicking down-pointing 
> triangle should not raise error
> Severity set to 'wishlist' from 'normal'

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