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bug#11916: 24.1.50; Making url-dav work

From: David Engster
Subject: bug#11916: 24.1.50; Making url-dav work
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2012 23:00:09 +0200

I'm trying to simply get a listing from a directory on a WebDAV share
using Emacs. I was overjoyed to see that Emacs ships with url-dav.el,
which seemed to do exactly what I needed. However, it seems that url-dav
depends on a specially patched xml.el for namespace expansion which
apparently never made it into Emacs proper. If you look into
`url-dav-supported-p', it looks for a function `xml-expand-namespace'
which I cannot find anywhere in xml.el's history. At least one other
lone soul faced the same problem and came to the same conclusion (see

Now, xml.el can properly deal with namespaces since 2004 or so, but it
returns the QNames through a cons ("DAV:" . "property"), which is kind
of... cumbersome. The url-dav package naturally expects a plain symbol

I started rewriting url-dav to work with the cons's returned by xml.el,
but it's tedious work and, more importantly, makes the code really
ugly. Instead, I now just use a small function to replace the cons's in
xml.el's output with the plain symbols the package expects. Please find
the patch attached.


--- url-dav.el  2012-07-11 22:34:49.401721367 +0200
+++ url-dav.el_patched  2012-07-11 22:33:34.504867729 +0200
@@ -395,10 +395,15 @@
                 (string-match "\\`\\(text\\|application\\)/xml"
-               (setq tree (xml-parse-region (point) (point-max)))))
+               (setq tree (xml-parse-region (point) (point-max) nil nil t))))
        ;; Clean up after ourselves.
        (kill-buffer buffer)))
+    ;; This package was initially written for a different kind of
+    ;; QNAMES expansion, hence we have now to rewrite those so that
+    ;; for example ("DAV:" . "foo") becomes the symbol 'DAV:foo.
+    (url-dav-changexml (car tree))
     ;; We should now be
     (if (eq (xml-node-name (car tree)) 'DAV:multistatus)
        (url-dav-dispatch-node (car tree))
@@ -411,6 +416,21 @@
        ;; nobody but us needs to know the difference.
        (list (cons url properties))))))
+(defun url-dav-changexml (node)
+  "Rewrite all expanded names in NODE to plain symbols.
+That means, all cons produced from `xml-parse-region'
+like (\"DAV:\" .  \"foo\") become plain symbols DAV:foo.
+This replacement happens in-place."
+  (when (consp node)
+    (let ((name (xml-node-name node))
+         (children (xml-node-children node)))
+      (when (and (consp name)
+                (equal (car name) "DAV:"))
+       (setcar node (intern (concat "DAV:" (cdr name)))))
+      (when children
+       (dolist (cur children)
+         (url-dav-changexml cur))))))
 (defun url-dav-request (url method tag body
                                 &optional depth headers namespaces)
   "Perform WebDAV operation METHOD on URL.  Return the parsed responses.

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