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bug#11910: 24.1.50; Missing functions in new python.el

From: Fabián Ezequiel Gallina
Subject: bug#11910: 24.1.50; Missing functions in new python.el
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 17:38:47 -0300
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Here are some replacements you can use with current trunk:

   * python-beginning-of-statement: python-nav-beginning-of-statement
   * python-end-of-statement: python-nav-end-of-statement
   * python-beginning-of-block: python-beginning-of-block
   * python-end-of-block: python-nav-end-of-block
   * python-comment-line-p: python-info-current-line-comment-p

In revno 109130 I included this two:

   * python-open-block-statement-p: python-info-beginning-of-block-statement-p
   * python-in-string/comment: python-info-ppss-comment-or-string-p

For python-beginning-of-string I don't feel it is necessary some replacement, 
you can achieve it with something like this:

(let ((string-starting-pos (python-info-ppss-context 'string)))
   (and string-starting-pos
        (goto-char string-starting-pos)))

Or a reduced version:

(goto-char (or (python-info-ppss-context 'string) (point)))


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