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bug#11983: 24.1; Electric-command-loop broken?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#11983: 24.1; Electric-command-loop broken?
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2012 05:47:40 -0400
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> (unwind-protect
>     (catch 'return-tag
>       (Electric-command-loop 'return-tag))
>   (cleanup-form))

But in which way is this different from `recursive-edit'?
Hmmm... I guess it is different in that it is easier to exit an
Electric-command-loop than a recursive-edit, so it is like
a "transient/lightweight" recursive-edit.
I think it would be good to try to describe it by comparing it to

It seems that it requires a fair bit of extra surrounding code to use it
right.  E.g. electric-buffer-list is buggy because it lacks this extra
code: after popping up the electric-buffer-list, you can select some
other window and work there, but the behavior is then all
messed up.

>> > - The doc string says
>> >   ;; Given third argument non-nil, it
>> >   ;; INHIBITS quitting unless the user types C-g at toplevel.  This is
>> >   ;; so user can do things like C-u C-g and not get thrown out.
>> >   Yet it appears to me, that even for C-u C-g the user gets thrown out.
>> I have no idea what this "C-u C-g" refers to, indeed.

> If you type a plain C-g, Electric-command-loop throws
> 'return-tag.  Now the idea is that if you type C-u, then you
> change your mind and want to cancel it by typing C-g, then the
> code should not leave the temporary command loop.

I see, yes.  This inhibit-quitting seems dangerous since it binds
inhibit-quit.  But yes, I see in the code it tries to handle C-g after
some prefix key.  Not sure why it now fails or whether it ever worked.


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