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bug#12030: 24.0.97; y-or-n-p and redirect-frame-focus

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#12030: 24.0.97; y-or-n-p and redirect-frame-focus
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 11:35:13 +0200

`yes-or-no-p' eventually winds up calling read_minibuf which does

  if (minibuffer_auto_raise)
    Fraise_frame (mini_frame);
  if (!EQ (mini_frame, selected_frame))
    Fredirect_frame_focus (selected_frame, mini_frame);

`y-or-n-p' instead does

                    (when minibuffer-auto-raise
                      (raise-frame (window-frame (minibuffer-window))))
                    (redirect-frame-focus (window-frame (minibuffer-window)))

which strikes me as incongruent with the former since IIUC the last form
only redirects the minibuffer-window frame's focus to itself.  If this
is not the intended behavior, a possible source of the bug is that the
second argument of `redirect-frame-focus' is not mandatory.  As a
consequence, authors (including me) tend to consider its first argument
reference the frame that shall be focused.


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