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bug#12055: Re: bug#12055: 24.1.50; Characters "á" and "é" are not correc

From: Dani Moncayo
Subject: bug#12055: Re: bug#12055: 24.1.50; Characters "á" and "é" are not correctly displayed on a Windows terminal
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2012 13:55:41 +0200

> Please try the patch below.  It works for me.

I'm having problems for applying your patch to my trunk branch
(updated right now).

This is what I'm trying to do (from an Emacs -Q):
1. Copy your patch and paste it in a new Emacs buffer, and save it to
a file "patch.diff" (with UNIX-type EOL format).
2. Go to each hunk and type "C-c C-a".

This is failing for me in the hunks that begin with:
  @@ -786,6 +788,11 @@ initialize_w32_display (struct terminal
  @@ -61,6 +62,15 @@ static INPUT_RECORD *queue_ptr = event_q
  @@ -80,8 +90,8 @@ fill_queue (BOOL block)
  @@ -447,26 +452,34 @@ key_event (KEY_EVENT_RECORD *event, stru

For these hunks, I receive the error message "Can't find the text to patch".

And another oddity: For the last hunk in the patch (which affect the
file "src/w32inevt.h"), the patch is apparently applied (I see the
message "hunk applied"), but if I watch to the corresponding buffer,
the path is not applied (the added line "extern int
w32_console_unicode_input;" is not there).

Am I missing something?
Is this an Emacs bug?

Dani Moncayo

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