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bug#12044: 24.1; ls does not support --dired

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: bug#12044: 24.1; ls does not support --dired
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 19:38:29 -0400
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Peter Dyballa wrote:

> In GNU Emacs 23 it works to launch it with -Q and a system ls which
> does not support --dired (but -dired). This fails to work in version
> 24.1.

Please give the details of how it "fails to work".

Note that

ls -dired

is equivalent to

ls -d -i -r -e -d

for any sane implementation of ls, ie not relevant.

> This version is also missing a possibly helpful setting like
>       (setq insert-directory-program "gls" dired-use-ls-dired t)

Not appropriate for Emacs, but very much so for your .emacs.

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