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bug#12126: 24.1.50; compilation --with-wide-int on PowerPC 32-bit leads

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: bug#12126: 24.1.50; compilation --with-wide-int on PowerPC 32-bit leads to: Maximum buffer size exceeded
Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2012 22:54:55 +0200

Am 03.08.2012 um 18:31 schrieb Jan Djärv:

Does it work if you just
% configure --with-ns

        ./configure  --with-ns --with-wide-int

with "powerpc-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.0.1 (GCC) 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5493)" also succeeds, same with "powerpc-apple-darwin9-gcc-4.2.1 (GCC) 4.2.1 (Apple Inc. build 5577)". Simple make and 'make bootstrap' with "powerpc-apple-darwin9-llvm-gcc-4.2 (GCC) 4.2.1 (Based on Apple Inc. build 5555) (LLVM build 2064.3)" end with this consistently:

        Loading .../emacs-24.1.50/lisp/composite.el (source)...
        Loading .../emacs-24.1.50/lisp/language/chinese.el (source)...
        Wrong type argument: sequencep, 130257792809520
        make[2]: *** [bootstrap-emacs] Error 1

The two built and installed pieces of Emacs.app are completely useless, they can't even create the initial frame, they already crash before they can appear.



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