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bug#11860: 24.1; Arabic - Harakat (diacritics, short vowels) don't appea

From: Steffan
Subject: bug#11860: 24.1; Arabic - Harakat (diacritics, short vowels) don't appear
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2012 07:27:49 +0200

Hallo again.

I just wanted to ask you about the bug. Are there any news?


> [Please always CC the bug address, so that all this information gets
> recorded by the bug tracker.]
>> From: Steffan <address@hidden>
>> Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2012 17:39:55 +0200
>> When I chose the input-method "arabic" and then type only the TWO characters 
>> "u" then "X" (capital Letter) I get
>> - for 'u' : as expected "Ayin" (it looks like a mirror-inverted "3")
>> - and for 'X' : I get nothing! It should appear the diacritic sign "Sukun" 
>> above the letter "Ayin". ("Sukun" looks like a small circle.)
> Yes, I see this also. Strange, it sounds like we compose these two
> characters, but the resulting grapheme cluster is incorrect. I hope
> Handa-san (CC'ed) could look into this.
>> It's strange:
>> I choose "hebrew-full" as input-method.
>> - After typing 'f' I get KAF
>> - then by typing d I get GIMMEL
>> - and after typing 'D' I get "the three point sign" (HEBREW POINT QUBUTS) 
>> not below the GIMMEL but the KAF!
>> - and If I then type anything else (like DALET) the three points disappear!
> This I don't see on my Windows machine. Hebrew is displayed correctly
> for me. This is in 'emacs -Q", right? If not, please try in "emacs -Q".
>> I Linux I installed some additional packages two display arabic correctly. 
>> Maybe I have to install packages for windows - but wich?
> No additional packages are needed for Windows, the Uniscribe shaping
> engine, which Emacs uses on Windows, supports everything.


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