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bug#12121: 24.1.50; Newsticker does not work anymore

From: Ivan Kanis
Subject: bug#12121: 24.1.50; Newsticker does not work anymore
Date: Sun, 05 Aug 2012 10:13:16 +0200
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Ulf Jasper <address@hidden> wrote:

> Ivan Kanis <address@hidden> writes:
>> Please describe exactly what actions triggered the bug, and
>> the precise symptoms of the bug.  If you can, give a recipe
>> starting from `emacs -Q':
>> 1) emacs -Q
>> 2) M-x newsticker-start
>> I see on the modeline : contacting host: www.emacswiki.org:80.
>> That's it, nothing more happens.
> `newsticker-start' just starts the retrieval timers but not the reader.
> Its name may be misleading.  Have you tried `newsticker-show-news'?

newsticker-show-news works. I think newsticker-start shouldn't be

I am closing this bug.
Ivan Kanis

 【佐藤 可士和】

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