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bug#11939: 24.1; `save-buffers-kill-emacs' loses minibuffer focuswhenitc

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#11939: 24.1; `save-buffers-kill-emacs' loses minibuffer focuswhenitcalls`list-processes'
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2012 10:58:25 +0200

>> If, with emacs -Q, I do
>> (progn
>>    (load ".../with-temp-buffer-window.el")
>>    (setq special-display-buffer-names '("*Process List*"))
>>    (display-buffer (get-buffer-create "*Process List*")))
>> I get the buffer *Process List* on a separate frame, in a strongly
>> dedicated window
> I do too (following that recipe from emacs -Q), the dedicatedness being judged
> by trying to do C-x b in it and getting this error message:
>  switch-to-buffer: Cannot switch buffers in a dedicated window


>> and with a `quit-restore' window parameter as
>> ((quit-restore frame frame #<window 3 on *scratch*> #<buffer
>> *Process List*>))
> No, there is still no `quit-restore' parameter, according to 
>> If I do `quit-window' in that window, the frame is iconified.
> Same here.  This is with Emacs 24.1.
>> Tested with Emacs 24.1 release and the latest trunk version I
>> was able to build.  If you get different results, there's nothing I can do.
> HTH.  This test does not involve a standalone minibuffer or other things that
> are in my setup.  But at least you can see that parameter `quit-restore' is
> missing.

You cannot see that it is not missing.


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