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bug#11939: 24.1; `save-buffers-kill-emacs' loses minibufferfocuswhenitca

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#11939: 24.1; `save-buffers-kill-emacs' loses minibufferfocuswhenitcalls`list-processes'
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2012 10:45:19 +0200

> FWIW, even without loading your code, with my setup, (window-parameters) 
> returns nil.  I will need to dig further to find out why.
> Perhaps you can help by telling me what vanilla Emacs code normally changes
> things so that the value returned is non-nil.


> IOW, what parts of the Emacs code
> should be setting this up correctly?  That might help me narrow things down to
> find what code I have that is counteracting that correct setup.

The doc-string of `special-display-function' tells what should be done.
The code of `special-display-popup-frame' shows how this can be done.

> I note that in Emacs 23 also (windows-parameters) returns nil for me.  (And 
> function apparently does not exist in Emacs 22.)

`display-buffer-record-window' has been introduced in Emacs 24.1.


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