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bug#12163: 24.1; Can not input anything or showing none output when debu

From: qq510371827
Subject: bug#12163: 24.1; Can not input anything or showing none output when debugging c/c++ application.
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 17:14:14 +0800

2012/8/10 Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>
[Please keep the bug address in the CC list.]
Sorry,it's my first time to file a bug report here. I will do as what you said. 
> From: qq510371827 <address@hidden>
> Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 10:58:11 +0800
> Thanks for your help.But it doesn't work yet. I added :
>   setbuf(stdin,NULL);
>   setbuf(stdout,NULL);
> or, 
>   setvbuf(stdin,NULL,_IONBF,0);
>   setvbuf(stdout,NULL,_IONBF,0);
> and
> fflush(stdout) after printf,
> All of the above didn't work, None output when debugging my application.In
> addition,I can not input values during debugging yet. for instance,
> 1...........scanf("%c",s);
> 2...........
> 3...........
> 4...........i=0; // set breakpoint at this line
> During the debugging,*What is the expected result?*
> It should suspend and wait IO buffer's input values. Then after I input a
> value in IO buffer and press RET it resumed and stopped at line 4 ( it hit
> the breakpoint).
> *But in fact What happens instead?*
> It run and directly stopped at line 4 and didn't give me a chance to input
> anything. I still input some values in io buffer and press RET but it
> didn't give me a response. It seems as if the debugger didn't recognize
> emacs' input/ouput IO buffer to be its input/output pipe and still kept
> waitting for input.
> This problem only appeared in emacs 24.1. Emacs 23.4 works very well
> without this problem.

Try invoking GDB from Emacs like this:

  M-x gud-gdb RET

If that doesn't help, either, then I'm clueless, sorry.  Perhaps
someone else could help.
 Thanks for your patience. It finally works. However, two other new problem appeared after using 'gud-gdb'.
1).the code, gdb information and out/input datas mixed together in the same buffer and 'gdb-many-windows' command didn't work any more.
2) You can refer this link:
The same problem as mine.

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