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bug#12310: crash in remember_mouse_glyph

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: bug#12310: crash in remember_mouse_glyph
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 07:27:50 +0200 (CEST)

[rev 109796]

This crash, which happens rather frequently, is something introduced
quite recently.  My last bzr build (in June, IIRC), using the same
GNU/Linux environment (gcc 4.6.2, KDE 4.8, Qt 4.8), didn't show this.

It seems that the crash happens if I look at e-mails with CJK
characters (using Mew), then composing a simple e-mail, then trying to
send the e-mail.  I have no exact recipe to reproduce, sorry.

I still have the emacs process in gdb, so please advise how to



#0  0x08078108 in remember_mouse_glyph (f=0x86cdb08, gx=749, gy=521, 
rect=0x841c54c) at xdisp.c:2250
#1  0x080f8808 in note_mouse_movement (frame=0x86cdb08, event=0xbfffdfa8) at 
#2  0x08100f4c in handle_one_xevent (dpyinfo=0x891eb50, eventptr=0xbfffe1dc, 
finish=0x841c564, hold_quit=
    0xbfffe664) at xterm.c:6801
#3  0x08101fc9 in event_handler_gdk (gxev=0xbfffe1dc, ev=0x8586c58, data=0x0) 
at xterm.c:5855

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