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bug#13602: 24.3.50; remove bindings for `icomplete-minibuffer-map' - mak

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#13602: 24.3.50; remove bindings for `icomplete-minibuffer-map' - make a separate mode
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2013 08:16:44 -0800

> > Icomplete mode is general, for use with all minibuffers, 
> > whatever the kind of input being done (kind of completion
> > or input without completion, etc.).
> No, it's not, it's only used in specific cases.
> For example, icomplete is not used in minibuffer during 
> eval-expression.

Nitpicking.  Completion.  That should have been understood from the context: "I
_complete_" mode.  Icompletion is about completion contexts.

> > Let users bind them if they like.
> I'd like to comment on this as a ido-mode user.

Great.  But please recognize that not all Emacs users use Ido.  And it is not
even the default minibuffer behavior for Emacs.  And it is not even described in
the Emacs manual.

IOW, your parochial point of view is of course welcome and relevant, but please
don't mistake it for how users in general view using the minibuffer.

> > In particular: C-s and C-r are used to search minibuffer
> > text (e.g. move
> Instead of searching though the already entered text,

("Already entered" does not necessarily mean typed, BTW.)

> this behavior allows you to "search" through the candidates.

Yes, I know.  So what?  The point is that this substitutes the original, normal,
usual behavior of those keys with another behavior.

A given user can prefer either behavior: normal or new.  Let users choose
easily.  That's the point.

There are lots of Emacs users who have been using Icomplete for years (yes, even
before Ido existed), and appreciate its informative help.

You should not just assume, because you are an Ido enthusiast, that all users
now want to switch to an Ido-like behavior for keys they have been able to use

> this strikes me as more appropriate.

So in your case you would opt in to use the keys.  What's the problem? (Though
as an Ido user you really do not need Icomplete at all, do you?)

You should get your way, for your own use.  Another user should be able to get
the longstanding Icomplete behavior, for her own use.

It should be easy for each to get the behavior preferred, and even to switch to
the other behavior.

This is trivial to implement.  What so much resistance to giving users the
choice?  Why so much insistence on bending Icomplete to be Ido-like for all?
Users are free to use Ido if they like.  Where's the beef?

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