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bug#13668: 24.2.93; strike-through in org mode

From: Roland Winkler
Subject: bug#13668: 24.2.93; strike-through in org mode
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 11:08:03 -0600

On Sun Feb 10 2013 Bastien wrote:
> > Why put this in a separate FAQ? Aren't the info pages the first
> > source of information for such things?
> Depends.  We try to keep the info manual readable, and it's already
> quite long.  If you can find a good place in the manual, please send
> a patch.

I do not find the info nodes on "Structural markup elements"
particularly overloaded. The node "Emphasis and monospace" is just
one short paragraph, and org-fontify-emphasized-text could esily be
mentioned there -- unless this variable also affects other things,
so that it should be mentioned higher up in the node hierarchy.

If such things get distributed among different places, an info
manual plus a separate FAQ, they get yet more confusing, in
particular for casual users of org mode. Many users will not even
know (or expect) that the info manual does not give them the full
story, but they need to consult other sources, too.

Take the elisp manual: it's pretty big. But I like it because its
authors are pretty good in making it an *efficient* and *reliable*
source of information. (Here I'd like to put these words in bold,
because I really appreciate this!)

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