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bug#13766: Acknowledgement (24.3; package.el: Write autoload-definitions

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#13766: Acknowledgement (24.3; package.el: Write autoload-definitions to file: ...)
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2013 02:50:20 +0400
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On 20.02.2013 2:38, Glenn Morris wrote:
Dmitry Gutov wrote:

If I remove package.elc and restart Emacs, the bug is gone.

If I compile it again with M-x byte-compile-file and restart, the bug
is again present.

If I do that, there is zero difference (other than timestamp) between
package.elc from bootstrap and package.elc from M-x byte-compile-file.
(Did you bootstrap?)

I did.

I'm not saying there should be a difference between package.elc obtained in different ways.

I triggered the bug soon after today's `make bootstrap`, and only then tried to revert some recent changes in package.el. It turned out, uncompiled package.el works without reverting anything.

`bzr st` doesn't show much.
I'm currently re-doing `make bootstrap` after a `make clean`.

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