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bug#13321:; Gmail error when replying from Gnus to github

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: bug#13321:; Gmail error when replying from Gnus to github
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 11:34:50 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.130006 (Ma Gnus v0.6) Emacs/24.3.50 (gnu/linux)

Hi Katsumi,

Katsumi Yamaoka <address@hidden> writes:

> address@hidden wrote:
>> Katsumi Yamaoka <address@hidden> writes:
>>> Please let me say that a wide reply doesn't contain the author
>>> of an original mail in the recipient list is a bug.  To exclude
>>> an invalid address from a wide reply is not a feature;
>> It is not excluded in the patch, it is added to "cc" only if "wide" is
>> specified.
> [...]
>> Please have a look at the mail examples I sent in other posts.
> Hm, I haven't gotten it yet.  Could you try replying to a mail
> attached in this message as well (copy it to a mail group and do
> F)?
> [...]
>> The point is that with the patch I sent + the headers of the rejected
>> mail and the original mail where I reply to, you will be able to
>> understand what happen and fix it.
> Ok, I'll surely try it.

Here the whole patch:

diff --git a/lisp/message.el b/lisp/message.el
index 21847ac..d92c9ae 100644
--- a/lisp/message.el
+++ b/lisp/message.el
@@ -6753,8 +6753,7 @@ The function is called with one parameter, a cons cell 
       ;; message-header-synonyms.
       (setq to (or (message-fetch-field "to")
                   (and (loop for synonym in message-header-synonyms
-                             when (memq 'Original-To synonym)
-                             return t)
+                             thereis (memq 'Original-To synonym))
                        (message-fetch-field "original-to")))
            cc (message-fetch-field "cc")
            extra (when message-extra-wide-headers
@@ -6764,16 +6763,15 @@ The function is called with one parameter, a cons cell 
                               ", "))
            mct (message-fetch-field "mail-copies-to")
            author (or (message-fetch-field "mail-reply-to")
-                      (message-fetch-field "reply-to"))
+                      (message-fetch-field "reply-to")
+                      (message-fetch-field "from") "")
            mft (and message-use-mail-followup-to
                     (message-fetch-field "mail-followup-to")))
       ;; Make sure this message goes to the author if this is a wide
       ;; reply, since Reply-To address may be a list address a mailing
       ;; list server added.
       (when (and wide author)
-       (setq cc (concat author ", " cc)))
-      (when (or wide (not author))
-       (setq author (or (message-fetch-field "from") ""))))
+       (setq cc (concat author ", " cc))))
     ;; Handle special values of Mail-Copies-To.
     (when mct
@@ -6829,13 +6827,9 @@ want to get rid of this query permanently.")))
        (setq recipients (concat ", " mft)))
        (setq recipients (if never-mct "" (concat ", " author)))
-       (if to (setq recipients (concat recipients ", " to)))
-       (if cc (setq recipients (concat recipients ", " cc)))
-       (if extra (setq recipients (concat recipients ", " extra)))
-       (if mct (setq recipients (concat recipients ", " mct)))))
-      (if (>= (length recipients) 2)
-         ;; Strip the leading ", ".
-         (setq recipients (substring recipients 2)))
+       (loop for h in `(,to ,cc ,extra ,mct)
+             for recip = (and recipients (not (string= recipients "")))
+             when h do (setq recipients (concat recipients (and recip ", ") 
       ;; Squeeze whitespace.
       (while (string-match "[ \t][ \t]+" recipients)
        (setq recipients (replace-match " " t t recipients)))
@@ -6854,31 +6848,20 @@ want to get rid of this query permanently.")))
                            (cons (downcase (mail-strip-quoted-names addr))
                 (cons (downcase (mail-strip-quoted-names addr)) addr)))
-            (message-tokenize-header recipients)))
-      ;; Remove all duplicates.
-      (let ((s recipients))
-       (while s
-         (let ((address (car (pop s))))
-           (while (assoc address s)
-             (setq recipients (delq (assoc address s) recipients)
-                   s (delq (assoc address s) s))))))
+            ;; Remove all duplicates.
+            (loop with recip for mess in (message-tokenize-header recipients)
+                  unless (member mess recip) collect mess into recip
+                  finally return recip)))
       ;; Remove hierarchical lists that are contained within each other,
       ;; if message-hierarchical-addresses is defined.
       (when message-hierarchical-addresses
-       (let ((plain-addrs (mapcar 'car recipients))
-             subaddrs recip)
-         (while plain-addrs
-           (setq subaddrs (assoc (car plain-addrs)
-                                 message-hierarchical-addresses)
-                 plain-addrs (cdr plain-addrs))
-           (when subaddrs
-             (setq subaddrs (cdr subaddrs))
-             (while subaddrs
-               (setq recip (assoc (car subaddrs) recipients)
-                     subaddrs (cdr subaddrs))
-               (if recip
-                   (setq recipients (delq recip recipients))))))))
+        (setq recipients
+              (loop for (r . a) in recipients
+                    for assoc = (cdr (assoc r message-hierarchical-addresses))
+                    when assoc append assoc into recip
+                    unless (or (member r recip) (assoc r results))
+                    collect (cons r a) into results finally return results)))
       (setq recipients (message-prune-recipients recipients))

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