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bug#13686: hi-yellow vs. hi-lock-1

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#13686: hi-yellow vs. hi-lock-1
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2013 20:35:57 -0500
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> The main point is that it makes little sense for a face, which is
> a variable thingy (changeable, customizable), to have a name that
> suggests otherwise, i.e., suggests that it has some _particular_,
> constant quality.

If the user sets the hi-yellow face to red, she gets what she deserves.

> The face name should reflect what the face is for - the kind of
> highlighting or whatever that it does.

Agreed, and hi-yellow is for highlighting some text in yellow, hence
its name.

The only real problem is that a user who wants to use a face whose
attribute do not agree with any of the predefined hi-* faces might end
up forced to use such a silly setting.

So the right fix is to provide ways for the user to add her own faces.

An alternative might be to let the user specify either a face name or
a color name, so we can get rid of hi-yellow altogether.  But that still
only caters to "highlighting with a color", whereas faces offer
more choices.


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