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bug#13867: 24.3.50; reading certain emails containing images in mu4e cau

From: Nicolas Avrutin
Subject: bug#13867: 24.3.50; reading certain emails containing images in mu4e causes segfault
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2013 12:57:14 -0500
User-agent: mu4e; emacs

Took some finicking with the mu4e elisp to get it to run under temacs
(temacs doesn't like sendmail), but I got it. Valgrind info below. I can
leave that valgrind session open for a few days in case you want me
check anything else from within valgrind (if so, give me specific
commands to run, I haven't used valgrind beyond memcheck).

Also, I found this bug on the mu4e issue tracker, though it doesn't look
like there is any useful information there:

Here's what valgrind gives me:

==5565== Invalid write of size 4
==5565==    at 0x8AD3791: AcquireQuantumInfo (in 
==5565==    by 0x2373680E: ??? (in 
==5565==    by 0x2373762F: ??? (in 
==5565==    by 0x8A093BF: ReadImage (in /usr/lib/libMagickCore-Q16.so.7.0.0)
==5565==    by 0x870C5BB: MagickReadImage (in 
==5565==    by 0x6748D7: imagemagick_load_image (image.c:7685)
==5565==    by 0x67537D: imagemagick_load (image.c:7978)
==5565==    by 0x66BF56: lookup_image (image.c:1697)
==5565==    by 0x43B844: handle_single_display_spec (xdisp.c:5017)
==5565==    by 0x43A0AF: handle_display_spec (xdisp.c:4515)
==5565==    by 0x439EE8: handle_display_prop (xdisp.c:4467)
==5565==    by 0x437194: handle_stop (xdisp.c:3219)
==5565==  Address 0x60 is not stack'd, malloc'd or (recently) free'd


Nicolas Avrutin

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