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bug#13939: 24.3; Emacs 24.3 release won't compile on Windows with the ms

From: Fabrice Popineau
Subject: bug#13939: 24.3; Emacs 24.3 release won't compile on Windows with the msvc toolchain
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 22:06:37 +0100

李丁, do you also compile Emacs 24.3 as a 64-bit executable?  Or do
you build it as a 32-bit executable?

I may add that I reported a 64bits stacktrace, but I get the exact same result with 32bits:

> temacs.exe!xsignal1(int error_symbol, int arg) Line 1577 C
  temacs.exe!eval_sub(int form) Line 2193 C
  temacs.exe!readevalloop(int readcharfun, _iobuf * stream, int sourcename, char printflag, int unibyte, int readfun, int start, int end) Line 1843 C
  temacs.exe!Fload(int file, int noerror, int nomessage, int nosuffix, int must_suffix) Line 1317 C
  temacs.exe!eval_sub(int form) Line 2160 C
  temacs.exe!Feval(int form, int lexical) Line 2006 C
  temacs.exe!top_level_2() Line 1177 C
  temacs.exe!internal_condition_case(int (void) * bfun, int handlers, int (int) * hfun) Line 1290 C
  temacs.exe!top_level_1(int ignore) Line 1190 C
  temacs.exe!internal_catch(int tag, int (int) * func, int arg) Line 1060 C
  temacs.exe!command_loop() Line 1147 C
  temacs.exe!recursive_edit_1() Line 779 C
  temacs.exe!Frecursive_edit() Line 844 C
  temacs.exe!main(int argc, char * * argv) Line 1528 C

I still wonder why the current trunk is working at all for me.


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