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bug#13594: 24.2.92; [PATCH] compilation-start doesn't consider nil OUTWI

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#13594: 24.2.92; [PATCH] compilation-start doesn't consider nil OUTWIN
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 08:51:52 -0400
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>> It only does one half: change a few callers to handle a non-window
>> return value.  But the other half is important: the non-window return
>> value should only be possible if the caller announces that it's ready to
>> handle it.
> So add to display-buffer an optional arg like the following?

That's one possibility, yes.  Tho adding an argument doesn't sound
much fun.  So I'd prefer if it could be passed via ACTION.

> display-buffer currently does not checking; it just passes back the
> non-nil value to the caller. WDYT?

That's OK.  The whole point is that the code (e.g. in
display-buffer-alist) that returns the non-window value needs to be able
to decide whether it's safe to do so.


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