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bug#13469: 24.2; emacs has a tiny frame, when I embed it in a kmail text

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#13469: 24.2; emacs has a tiny frame, when I embed it in a kmail text field via xembed (--parent-id %w)
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 12:37:55 +0100

>>> Especially strange is that it works with emacs -Q --basic-display.
>> The --basic-display disables menu bar and tool bar, and also disables
>> blinking cursor.  Maybe the absent menu and tool bar somehow affect
>> this, when you resize the qxembed-window?
> When I disable the menu bar, the frame is a bit bigger even without
> --basic-display. It still resizes to the tiny size, though.

Did you also try with a disabled toolbar?

> I just found a much easier way to reproduce it:
> Run emacs with --parent-id <random number>
> Then click with the mouse on the minibuffer. With menubar, it gets
> really tiny, without menubar it resizes to a bigger size (~4 times as
> wide

... high, I presume ...

> as the small size), but when I click the minibuffer it emacs starts
> to flicker and to resize repeatedly.

... how does it resize and how do you observe that ?

> The flickering stops, when I call
> async-shell-command but starts again once I hit C-g to leave the minibuffer.

Does it flicker/resize when you enter the minibuffer or when you leave

>> I suggest to put a breakpoint in change_frame_size,

change_frame_size_1 is better, where it does block_input () so you avoid
delayed and not-changing-anything calls.

> and see who calls
>> it with such a small frame size.
> I get something like this:

In all these calls can you see something in newheight that reflects the
size change you requested?


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