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bug#14029: 24.2.50; [PATCH] imenu problems with special elements

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#14029: 24.2.50; [PATCH] imenu problems with special elements
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2013 09:15:01 -0700

Ok, thanks for the reply.  I don't have time to look into it further - I mainly
wanted you to clarify and double-check.

Please consider adding some comments to the code to help understanding (e.g. wrt
the fixed code).  Both Stefan and I have mentioned that the code is not too
clear on its own, and I imagine that you feel the same: it could be clearer with
a couple of comments.  Thx.

>> This change looks good, but `cdddr' is in cl.el, so perhaps it is
>> better to use (nthcdr 3 index-item).
>> I'm only a little bit surprised that this one hasn't already been
>> reported and fixed - there have been other bugs (e.g. #12717) related
>> to special items.  I use special items myself, but so far I have not
>> used non-nil ARGS, so I have not encountered this one (your last change).
> That, and you probably always used the mouse menu. 

Actually, I use the keyboard, but my use of special items is limited to adding
two special menu items (that toggle sorting and toggle case-sensitive sorting).

FWIW, from the keyboard I use the commands described here:
They let you quickly choose among definitions of a given type, matching either
the object name or its full definition.

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