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bug#14003: 24.3.50; sgml-mode: support angle brackets inside jsp tags

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: bug#14003: 24.3.50; sgml-mode: support angle brackets inside jsp tags
Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2013 00:43:28 +0400
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On 01.04.2013 17:32, Stefan Monnier wrote:
Before I started writing this text, I had another approach in mind, but
this is something that I can probably do in mmm-mode instead, without
changing sgml-mode, by wrapping submodes' syntax-propertize-functions.
Still, doing it sgml-mode should be simpler.

I agree doing it in sgml-mode would be simpler.

I've thought about it some more, and looks like it would be incompatible with what mmm-mode is currently doing. One of the latest additions is the composite syntax-propertize-function:


It iterates over the regions and calls syntax-propertize-function of each major mode, passing it the bounds of the region. So adding propertization of angle brackets to sgml-syntax-propertize-function won't help because it won't be called on submode regions.

Wrapping propertize-functions of the submodes with that logic should work fine, though. So I guess I'll just close this bug.

I do think that multi-major-mode support should let us handle
comments/strings in a separate mode (text-mode, by default).   But I'm
not sure if current multi-major-mode packages are up to that task.

Eh, maybe? With some caveats, probably, but delineating subregions based on string/comment status should be doable with a custom matcher function. But it doesn't seem to solve any big problems, AFAICT.

Handling code regions nested inside interpolated regions in strings, which I've posted about in emacs-devel before, would be nice to have, but it's much less of an immediate problem, especially since nobody uses this syntax feature of Ruby in real code much.

Handling it via mmm-mode, at least, is also problematic, because the syntactic state carries between subregions. So the text inside a string subregion will still be highlighted as string:


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