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bug#14139: 24.3; weechat.el problem

From: superbil
Subject: bug#14139: 24.3; weechat.el problem
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2013 04:16:27 +0800

Ok, I will report to the author of weechat.el

Thank for help


On 2013年4月5日Friday at 上午1:10, Glenn Morris wrote:

Superbil wrote:

I install weechat.el from package manager (M-x package-list-packages),
then setup weechat's relay.
I don't use ssh and ipv6 so after weechat setup, I try to connect use
weechat-connect for plain mode on emacs.
after connect sccuss, I got that error.

Probably you should report this to the author of weechat.el (not part of

Error during redisplay: (eval (concat (main-line-rmw (quote left) nil)
(main-line-buffer-id (quote left) nil main-line-color1)
(main-line-major-mode (quote left) main-line-color1)
(main-line-minor-modes (quote left) main-line-color1) (

Probably you should report this to to the author of main-line.el (not
part of Emacs).

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