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bug#14168: vc: [bzr] Properly limit revisions in 'vc-bzr-print-log'

From: Lluís Vilanova
Subject: bug#14168: vc: [bzr] Properly limit revisions in 'vc-bzr-print-log'
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2013 21:47:35 +0200
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Bazaar's log command supports the "--forward" argument, which can be set in
bazaar's configuration file (beyond emacs' knowledge; e.g. using the alias
"log = log --forward"). This explains why the current implementation is breaking
the declared generic semantics (by assuming "--forward" is not being used).

This can be fixed by changing it into:

            (if (and start-revision (= limit 1))
                (list (format "-c%s" start-revision))
               (when start-revision (list (format "-r%s.." start-revision)))
               (when limit (list "-l" (format "%s" limit)))))

Note that this will still break if both are given and limit is different from 1
(in which case "-c" cannot be used), but this is explicitly forbidden by the
generic semantics.


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