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bug#14175: 24.3.50; Bad completion behavior with read-file-name-completi

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: bug#14175: 24.3.50; Bad completion behavior with read-file-name-completion-ignore-case t
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 22:26:03 +0200


you can reproduce this with emacs -Q.

I use this setting:

(setq read-file-name-completion-ignore-case t
      completion-auto-help t)

In my "~/", I have, among other files,

  lrwxrwxrwx   1 micha micha    9 Feb  3 20:00 download -> Downloads
  drwxr-xr-x  11 micha micha 4,0K Apr  9 15:40 Downloads

I hit C-x d ~/Down TAB

Emacs completes the minibuffer to


Since this is no valid completion, it should pop up *Completions*, but
it doesn't (first issue).  I hit TAB a second time.  I get this in 

  Click <mouse-2> on a completion to select it.
  In this buffer, type RET to select the completion near point.
  Possible completions are:

It doesn't offer "download".  If I click on "Download/", I get the

  `mouse-choose-completion' is an obsolete command (as of 23.2); use
  `choose-completion' instead.

(second issue)

Then it completes the minibuffer content to "~/Download/".  But this
doesn't exist (third and major issue).  I get an error when hitting RET
(of course).



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