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bug#14166: 24.3.50; report-emacs-bug and mail-user-agent == 'gnus-user-a

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: bug#14166: 24.3.50; report-emacs-bug and mail-user-agent == 'gnus-user-agent
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 16:39:26 +0900
User-agent: Gnus/5.130006 (真 Gnus v0.6) Emacs/24.3.50 (i686-pc-cygwin)

Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> Wolfgang Jenkner wrote:
>> On Thu, Apr 11 2013, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>> more to the point: we start with a call to Gnus's `composefunc' with an
>>> explicit "to" address (with value report-emacs-bug-address).  And we end
>>> with a message that uses a different "to" address.  So the problem seems
>>> to be on Gnus's side only.

>> The Gnus callee behaves as documented, so you'd normally expect the
>> caller to put up with it.  Personally, though, I don't think there's
>> a bug here at all, just an example of legitimate foot-shooting ;-)

> Thanks for your help.  I'd like to fix this problem in this manner:

> Background:
>   The composefunc of `gnus-user-agent' is `gnus-msg-mail', that is
> called by not only `compose-mail' but also some Gnus internals.
>   A posting style corresponding to a currently opened group is
> applied when running `gnus-msg-mail'.  No problem if it is used
> within Gnus.  However, the posting style may get meaningless or
> harmful if it is called outside of Gnus.  This suggests that every
> user will be able to be a foot-shooter.

After having consulted the Gnus code, I changed my mind as follows:

> ・Rename `gnus-msg-mail' to `gnus-msg-mail-1'.


> ・Create `gnus-msg-mail' that calls `gnus-msg-mail-1' with `let'-
>   binding of `gnus-newsgroup-name' to "gnus-user-agent".

Change this to:
・Make `gnus-msg-mail' `let'-bind `gnus-newsgroup-name' to "".

> ・Use `gnus-msg-mail' for composefunc exclusively.  Make Gnus
>   internals use `gnus-msg-mail-1' instead of `gnus-msg-mail'.
Currently there's no Gnus internal that had better use
`gnus-msg-mail-1' instead of `gnus-msg-mail'.

> ・A user who want to use a posting style even when `compose-mail'
>   is used may add it for the group named "gnus-user-agent".

Replace this paragraph with:

・The default posting style, that begins with ".*" and the like,
  will be applied to a mail that `compose-mail' originates.

So, what I'm going to do now is simply to modify `gnus-msg-mail'.
Maybe an Info for this is unnecessary.


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